Liebster Award!

It’s the Liebster Award guys!!  I actually hadn’t heard about this until last week when Vicky from  nominated me.  Thank you Vicky!

According to Google translate “liebster” is German for “dearest” so… yeah, not really sure where the connection to blogging comes in there.  Maybe it’s in reference to the kindness shared between dear bloggers?  Anyway, the Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers.  It’s an awesome way for new bloggers to connect and get a bit more exposure.  I’m so happy to take part!


So here are my answers to‘s questions:

1. What’s the country you most want to visit and why?

mt fujiI would LOVE to go to Japan. This country has been at the top of my list ever since I can remember.  Being part Japanese probably boosted it to the top when I was younger, but the sheer magnitude of its culture and beauty alone are part of the somewhat more evolved reasons why I want to go now.  Plus, I can speak some (very) basic Japanese at the moment, so that might make it easier to stumble around.

2. City, mountains or beach and why?

“Well that’s pretty neat.” (Neature Walk videos anyone?)

All of the above, but mostly mountains. Like a lot of other flannel-wearers from the Pacific Northwest, nature is my thing.  I view being in the “wilderness” not just as a weekend’s escape from civilized life, but as a form of humble exploration that should be part of everyday life.  It’s a calming and enriching way to get back down to earth and explore your own roots.  [Boom. Nature puns of enlightenment.]

3. What made you start blogging?

What made me start blogging was a simple desire to share my travels with people and maybe inspire them to go out and have their own adventures too. I think everyone has a certain thing(s) that make life exciting and more meaningful to them; and for me that’s travelling around and learning about different places and meeting people along the way.  Honestly, though, it’s also may be even more about just having the deserved freedom to do literally whatever I want regardless of conventionality.  I’m hoping to translate this into my blog and encourage other wandering souls to free themselves and just do whatever makes them happy too.

4. What’s the one thing you never go travelling without, and why?

My journal. Obviously, writing is somewhat essential for a travel blog but it’s kind of turning into a valuable lost art.  Journaling is a great way to reflect on a day’s events or realize certain things you may not have thought of before putting them into words.  Possibly just because it makes you think, I find it really enjoyable and enlightening sometimes, however time-consuming.  Plus, I like the idea of being able to come back many years from now and read what I had thought about particular things and/or how optimistically nonsensical I was in my youth. Gotta love a good journal sesh.

5. What’s the most satisfying thing about blogging?

Definitely when people respond to what you have written or express their appreciation in a comment or an email. To inspire people is one of my main goals so to get that sort of feedback is really something special to me.  So far, I’ve only been able to meet a few readers and fellow bloggers in person but I’m excited to meet many more down the road!

6. What camera do you use and why would/why wouldn’t you recommend it?

So far I’ve just been using a regular old digital camera. No complaints.  I actually prefer those to phones or fancy cameras.  At least the one I have is pretty durable and wasn’t a huge investment so if something happens to it, it won’t be the worst.  I pretty much just need something that will take decent pictures and won’t break if and when I drop it 🙂

7. What’s the most relaxing place you’ve visited?


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

Pretty much anywhere in Switzerland. The whole country seems like one of those places that make you wonder what people do there all day.  Aside from the light tourism, it feels like there’s nothing but time and a vast land of freedom to do anything you want.  Whether it’s checking out waterfalls, hiking in virtually any direction, or even just taking a trip to the local pub or hitching around for no good reason, Switzerland is a truly one of the most beautiful and relaxing places I’ve ever visited.

8. What’s the most dangerous situation you’ve been in whilst travelling?

Got mugged waiting for a train by a group of very muscular gypsies who happened to be members of the local rugby and gymnastics teams. A few of them tried to entice us with autographs and good looks while the others stole our bags and booked it.  Just kidding, luckily…  Though I have ended up in some pretty sketchy areas (chasing cheap hostels) and got drunk lost for a long long while on the impossible moonlit streets of Venice (coincidentally on one of the rainiest nights we were there too).  Fortunately, that’s more or less as dangerous as it has gotten so far.

9. Tell me about one of the best meals you’ve ever had and where you ate it?


Fondue takes concentration.

The answer to this question could easily be pizza in Italy, sweet crepes in France, cheese fondue in Switzerland, or real Belgian waffles in Belgium; but, above all these, one of the truly best meals I’ve ever had was a simple loaf of artisan bread with brie cheese after a long day in Venice. We bought these staples at one of the only places still open and just enjoyed them on the deck of our hostel.  With the night dark, canal below, and late night stragglers passing by, ravenous hunger and good new company made this strangely one of the most memorable and satisfying meals I’ve ever had abroad.

10. What’s your biggest travelling regret?

Not spending enough time in the smoky coffee shops of Amsterdam. Needless to say, I’m going back. 😉

Alright, time to nominate a few other bloggers!!

Here are my 11 questions for ya:

  1. What do you think is the greatest thing about travel?
  2. What is one of your most unexpected travel experiences?
  3. Hotels or hostels? Or tents?
  4. Whatcha readin’? Got any favorite travel reads?
  5. Come across any awesome music abroad?
  6. What do you usually get up to on a typical day?
  7. Why did you start blogging?
  8. What has been your worst travel experience?
  9. What do you do for money, honey? Have any good money-saving tips?
  10. What is one of the best travel lessons you’ve learned so far?
  11. Where are you going next?

Supplemental Rapid-Fire Questions (*just for funs)

  1. Early bird or night owl?
  2. Beer or wine? (And, if you answered correctly, red or white?) 😛
  3. Favorite ‘Friend(s)’: Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, or Phoebe?
  4. Coffee or tea?
  5. Chicken or the egg? Or a fun weird fact about yourself!

Thanks for reading and I hope you nominees will enjoy answering my questions as well.  I’m looking forward to reading your answers!  Just post them in the comments or comment a link to your blog so I can check ‘em out!

Happy travels guys!



10 responses to “Liebster Award!

  1. Hi Lisa! Thank you again for the nomination. We did nominate you (which may defeat the purpose of the Liebster… but we really enjoy your blog)! Either way it was fun and you’ve just heightened our desire to go to Europe (for the pizza and fondue). 😀


    • Awesome! Love your answers. And laughing really is the best medicine. Though I’ve found it’s pretty hard to get angry when you’re out living the way you want 🙂 Thanks for the second nomination too! Not sure if I can be nominated twice but I don’t see anything against it! Happy travels guys!!


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    • Oh nice I love your answer for number 1. Very well said 🙂 I too have found the kindness of strangers to be quite unexpected. Thanks for your answers Dan! I hope your next attempt to Sabah goes smoothly!

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Sweet! Your time in Malaga sounds like a super pleasant surprise. Seems like the best stories always come out of some sort of unplanned mishap. Love it. Hey I can unicycle too! Lol shout out to weird talents. And I think I’ve heard that one song from Spain you were talking about.. 😉


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