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Hello!  My name is Lisa Day.  I am a Seattle native with a passion for travel and a desire to mend socio-environmental disconnects.   Bam.  My goal is to combine these two, somehow traveling the world while organizing events and projects that assist in environmental awareness and protection, food “waste” recovery and hunger issues, mindfulness, social justice, connection, etc.

After college, I spent some time traveling around Europe and in the summer of 2015, I moved to the remote countryside (“inaka” in Japanese) of Aomori, Japan,  where I now teach English to elementary and junior high school students.

With a background in Environmental Science, the interconnectedness between humans and nature is something I have long been aware of.  Unfortunately, the interconnectedness of all things is something I have only come to realize in the past few years.  We are all connected; not just by the impact of the things we do, but by how and what we think, how we view the world and treat each other, and by the energy we put out into the universe.

I believe this is possibly the biggest issue facing our global society; how can we go on seeing everything as disconnected when we all live in a place where everything is connected?  The answer is simple, but it is tragically left unseen by many.

I would venture to argue that the best thing any of us can do is to just be conscious of ourselves, to take a step back and really question why we are doing the things we’re doing, and who we are really doing them for; and to ask ourselves if we are truly happy and, if not, then why?

People are always looking for a meaning or their purpose in life, but maybe to simply live consciously is to live purposefully.

I don’t know if I believe there is an actual meaning to life, but perhaps this is as close as we can get.  It is my goal to live consciously and to just be the best version of an insignificant human that I can possibly be.  Therefore, I have decided to do and share what I love and hope that, in doing so, a positive energy will resonate.

Inaka Travel is where I document my travels (both rural inaka and more urban), start projects, raise awareness for meaningful causes, connect with others, and simply share things.  Besides travel and deep talk, this will also include other things I enjoy like music, nature, creating and learning 🙂  Thanks for stopping by!


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