Intro to Innsbruck

Fresh off the train, one can’t help but be blown away by Innsbruck’s picturesque beauty.  Of all the famous places to travel to in Europe, (London, Paris, Rome…), Innsbruck may be a slightly less popular but certainly no less amazing destination.


Innsbruck is known as the capital of the Alps.  Located in Austria’s Inn Valley, it is surrounded by high mountains and covered in green.  A perfect combination for the most excellent of postcard photos.  Rich in culture, its city center is lively yet coolly calm; and rich in nature, its entire residential area is lined with rivers, parks and tightly packed colorful houses.

dsc00190Being so spectacularly mountainous, Innsbruck has long been a popular place for hiking in summer and skiing/snowboarding in winter.  Basically, you’ll have something awesome to do in whichever season you choose to go.  It has twice been the site of the Winter Olympics, and you can still visit the Olympiahalle indoor sports venue (Olympic rings and all!) and the Bergisel ski jump.  There are competitions in winter months and from May through Octoberdsc00223 you can still watch “snow-jumpers” flying down the ski jump.

Note: while Innsbruck may be a popular tourist destination, many things still close at 7pm and aren’t open on Sundays. 🙂  That’s refreshing.


3 responses to “Intro to Innsbruck

    • Between the station and the Golden Roof is a pretty touristy area but if you go down a side street or two, the feel can turn really quiet and local. I don’t know the best places to stay but personally, I’d probably like almost any location in Innsbruck. 🙂

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