Biking Berlin

If you’re limited to just a few days, I think one of the best ways to see a new city is to bike through it.  Especially if you’re in Europe where there are rental bikes and beautiful bike lanes pretty much everywhere.  You get a faster-paced view of what you would’ve seen if you were walking without missing all the things you would’ve passed by if you were in a car. dsc00289

As we only had a few days to explore all of Berlin, we opted for bikes.  Luckily for us, our hostel had all-day bicycle rentals for only 10€.  Rental bikes are fun.  You never really know what you’re going to get.  For us, we ended up with clunky basket bikes equipped with high handlebars, front-wheel only brakes AND pedal brakes.  They were blue and sturdy af.

Our first stop via the bikes was the Fernsehturm TV Tower.  We dismounted at the base of the tower and contemplated going up or not.  A friend of mine had recently been to the top and said it was “kind of cool, but Berlin isn’t a very pretty city…”.  Lol.  Berlin definitely has a plethora of interesting things to offer but it really isn’t prettiest.

dsc00297I’m sure the city looks much more appealing on sunny days but the whole time we were there, the weather was a bit drab.  Anyway, we decided to forgo the tower and peddle over to the Berlin Wall instead.

We got unbelievably lost on the way, but that’s part of the fun!  Plus, getting unlost is much easier by bike than on foot (AND much more fun than by car or overpriced taxi).

The Berlin Wall was fantastic.  I posted about it here so I won’t retell all the same shiz, but just know that I would go back.  I’ve found that that’s a good way to figure out if you actually liked a place or if you were just caught up in the rush of travel and liking everything.  If you’ve been there once and would go back again, you probably genuinely enjoyed it.

I digress.

After the wall, we got lunch at this adorable little restaurant called the Berliner and headed over to Checkpoint Charlie.  This place was touristy and in the middle of the city so, dsc00301naturally, there was a crepe stand right outside.  You couldn’t enter or leave without passing it.  Classy.  Gotta love a good crepe though…  And we did.

From the checkpoint, we peddled over to the Holocaust Museum [don’t worry, not glossing over these, there will be proper posts about them later], the train station, alongside more of the Wall, through a huge garten and then stumbled upon an awesome beach park full of lawns, volleyball courts and a giant ropes course playground thing!  So cool.  And all in a day’s peddle-about. 😀


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