Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

For under 9€ you can learn all there is to know about hash, marijuana & hemp at the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam.  Appropriately located in the Red Light District, this little museum is actually a combination of two buildings; a museum of all things hemp and a gallery of all things hemp.  At only 32 years old, this museum combo is already the oldest of its kind.ams-img_2153

Cannabis sativa is commonly known as hemp or marijuana.  The museum goes into detail about all the historical, cultural, medicinal, industrial and recreational uses of these cannabis crops.

Fun fact: there is a lot of confusion regarding the difference between hemp and marijuana but at a biological level, all marijuana is technically hemp.  You have the family Cannabaceae (hemp family), the genus Cannabis L. (hemp), and the species Cannabis Sativa L. (marijuana).1  Within the Cannabis Sativa L. species, you get your indica and sativa subspecies.

DSC00366-2.jpgBack to the museum.  The museum is lined with tons of art depicting people smoking all over the world.  There are paintings, photographs, prints and drawings or plants and people all throughout the gallery.  Some of my favorites were the weed propaganda pieces.

One of the exhibits(?) was this black box which you could put your head into and watch a mini video about cannabis.  When I was there, the video started off with a time-lapse of some cannabis growing from seed.  I’m into plants to that was interesting af.  Then, all of the sudden, someone shot the plant with a gun and set it on fire…  The video ended with a statement like “billion-dollar crop.”  Something like that.  It was weird.

Here’s a few more interesting things about the museum:

  • There’s a grow room!DSC00369.JPG
    • Here, you can see different species of plants in different stages of development. That’s pretty neat.
  • They give out awards!
    • Every year the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum presents Cannabis Culture Awards to those fighting for “the acceptance of cannabis in all its forms and for the reintroduction of marijuana and hemp to modern society.”
  • There’s a Cannabis College next door!
    • Along the same canal as the museum, there’s also The Cannabis College which is an information and advice center related to the acceptance of cannabis. You can find literature about the diverse uses of cannabis and ask the staff whatever cannabis questions you have.
  • There’s a Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Barcelona!

At the end of the museum, I was really hoping they’d give out brownies or something as a museum party favor of sorts.  Unfortunately, they did not.  Still a worth-while experience.


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